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Jeannie Russell


Key Roles

High School Math and Chemistry

I will be teaching Math 9, 20-3 and 30-3, Chemistry 20 and Chemistry 30 at Penhold Crossing Secondary School.  I will also be teaching psychology and forensics options.  I truly enjoy teaching math and science and make great efforts to have positive relationships with students.  It is my goal to bring positive energy and my joy of learning into the classroom every day.  

I live in Innisfail with my family, and my children keep me very busy with all of their activities.  I also enjoy running, yoga, curling, volleyball and reading.

Important notes:

1) I am using Google Classroom for all of my classes.  All students have access to this site.  Assignments, information and study materials will be posted.

      Chem 20 access code:     eugrvhx                         Semester 2:      Chem 30 access code:     lj5besf

      Math 20-3 access code:    r19y0z                                                     Math 9 access code:        io27ixa

2) Parents and students can log into Powerschool regularly to check marks and see if any assignments might be missing.

MY WEBSITE (course outlines, etc)