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James Stork

Key Roles

I began working with Chinook's Edge in 1990 as a substitute teacher. After substituting for five years, I joined the staff of River Glen as an Educational Assistant. I left in the spring of 1998 to sell powertrain parts for light to heavy duty equipment for a year and a half. I then returned to River Glen as an Educational Assistant and have remained there until the closing in 2014. I joined the Penhold Crossing team when River Glen closed.

I am currently learning how to program arduinos in anticipation of applying the knowledge to control mechanisms in life situations. We see similar applications in the world around us, from light control, robotics, industry, and even automotive.

A recent course I have taken is "Effective Communication" by Leonard Piekoff. I am also revisiting the "Philosophy of Education" course also offered by Leonard Piekoff.

Some of the current people I am following on the internet are: Yaron Brook, Don Watson, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Craig Venter, Jean Twenge, and Katherine Birbalsingh . Very interesting people with good ideas to share.